Just enter your keyword and get tons of viral content from top sources in ANY niche of your choice.

Edit your post, insert ad codes, affiliate links, CPA offers, etc. (Ads can also be inserted across your entire site to save time)

Publish your post instantly to start attracting free viral traffic and generating passive profits.

The process takes only MINUTES, which means you can repeat the process to build an entire empire of passive-income generating sites.

Why You Too Will Love Buzzious

Buzzious Will Change Your Entire Online Money-Making Equation...

Create Premium Quality Viral News Sites

Create multiple authority news sites in any niche with high-quality viral content in just a few minutes to drive 100% free traffic and monetize it hands down passively.

Curate Content Like A Pro From Hundreds Of Feeds

No need to create content on your own. Just enter your keywords and get fresh, trending content from hundreds of feeds in any niche to post on your sites like a pro.

A Proven Passive Income Solution

Monetize your news sites ANY way you choose - AdSense, Amazon Ads, Affiliate / CPA Links, Banner Ads & more… You can even use these sites to sell your OWN products.

100% Cloud-Based. Nothing To Download Or Install

Our software is hosted online, which means you never have to install anything. All you need is an internet connection and you can access Buzzious from anywhere in the world.

Built-In Traffic & Lead Generation System

Packed with built-in SEO panel to optimize your sites and Lead generation system to capture and manage leads of the subscribers… This is the only system you need to drive free traffic and passive profits.

Save Countless Hours And Thousands Of Dollars

You don’t need to write articles, create videos and build a website manually or even outsource everything to expensive writers and designers… Buzzious does it all for you in just a few minutes.

Passive Income = Extra Cash Flow = Financial Security = More Freedom!

Passive income is a very popular concept in the Internet Marketing space. It’s something that we would all love to have more of, right?

Who doesn’t want a business that runs on its own and makes you consistent money even when enjoy vacations on a beach with your friends and family?

You can do all your favorite stuff while cash keeps pouring into your bank account with just your laptop and internet connection.

But if you have tried to build one, you know it’s not that easy. It requires an upfront investment and a lot of nurturing at the beginning that includes…

  • Creating & selling products that people actually want
  • Learning how to record & publish videos
  • Building an email list to promote your offers
  • Spending countless hours on social media networking in groups & forums
  • Mastering the art of paid advertising for traffic
  • All of the above = A lot of TIME and WORK!

Suddenly passive income doesn’t feel so passive anymore, does it?

But the good news is…

The Code To Consistent Passive Income Has Finally Been Cracked!

While most online marketers are working day & night, trying to make a dime, some popular sites seem to draw traffic like magnets and are generating 100% hands-free passive profits.

The secret behind their success?... They Give People What They Want!

And Right Now The #1 Thing That People Want Online Is – NEWS!

People from all walks of life are ADDICTED to the NEWS. They always want to get updates on the latest events, politics, sports, fashion, entertainment, and numerous other topics. So they go online every day, or even every hour.

And That’s Why Online News Sites Drive Massive Daily Traffic…

Then Monetize This Huge Traffic Passively With Ads & Affiliate Offers!

Check Out How Much They Are Making …

Every day, hundreds of news sites are earning thousands of dollars in passive income… HOW?

They attract hordes of traffic to their sites by updating news on the latest & trending events and then turn this traffic into daily passive income by simply collecting revenue when people click on their ads and affiliate offers.

It’s as simple as that…With Zero Hard Selling!

 But It’s Not as Easy as It Sounds

The Problems Are…

#1: You Don't Know How To Create An Engaging Website:

Website creation is no walk in the park. You need to possess coding and designing skills to make it look great. Even when you are using a popular CMS platform like WordPress, it may take days or even weeks for you to design a professional website for your business.

#2: You Don't Know How To Create 100% Attention Grabbing Content Daily:

Finding the latest updates and trends in your niche and then preparing engaging content to post is not easy. You need to frequently update your content, as users are always searching for the latest news. This is time-consuming and a little overwhelming.

#3: Outsourcing is Darn Expensive:

You can hire someone to create a website and update content for you, but web designers and content writers are pretty expensive.

Combined with hosting costs, the expenses of outsourcing will make it difficult to earn a profit, and the stress of dealing with multiple outsourcers can be overwhelming.

The thing is – online news sites are THE biggest traffic magnets that pull in thousands of visitors and generate massive revenue every day...

But creating and maintaining them is a hassle, especially when you don’t have much experience and don’t have a huge budget.

What If You Had A Complete Solution To Leave Those Problems Behind Once & For All?

  • What if you can create your own professional news website in just a few clicks without any coding or techie stuff?
  • What if you can update your site with fresh viral content in under five minutes without writing articles and creating videos yourself?
  • What if you don’t have to pay for domain, hosting, and other expensive stuff?
  • What if you can instantly create multiple ‘set-&-forget’ passive income streams for any audience in ANY niche?

Drumroll, please!.... Because we are about to unveil the most powerful passive income solution you’ve ever seen…

Brand-New Advanced System That Lets You Curate Trending Content From
Top Sources And Create Multiple Viral News Sites For Insane Traffic and Passive Profits In Just Minutes!

It comes Jam-packed with these Amazing Benefits…

  • Instantly create multiple set-&-forget passive income streams
  • With 1-click, curate content from top trending sources from any keywords
  • Build professional viral news sites in any niche, packed with trending content and free sub-domain
  • Monetize your NEWS sites in any way you choose including Adsense, Amazon Ads, CPA Links, Ads & Banners, etc.
  • Connect any RSS feed for the latest updates from news sites of your choice to offer unlimited variety for maximum engagement
  • Works in ANY niche – turn hobbies into profit-generating news sites
  • Optimize sites, URLs, generate tags, leads, manage users, subscribers, etc. all from a single dashboard
  • Google Analytics Integration to track traffic, clicks, views, and ads
  • Everything you need and more under ONE roof.

Get Your Hands on this Amazing Tool NOW!

We’ve Simplified The ENTIRE Process of Building Passive Profits News Sites Into 3 Simple Steps:

Build Passive Profit Viral News Sites In 3 Fast & Easy Steps

Just enter your keyword and get tons of viral content from top sources in ANY niche of your choice.

Edit your post, insert ad codes, affiliate links, CPA offers, etc. (Ads can also be inserted across your entire site to save time)

Publish your post instantly to start attracting free viral traffic and generating passive profits.

No Steep Learning Curve Or 100 Page Instruction Manual… The process takes only MINUTES, which means you can repeat the process to build an entire empire of passive-income generating sites.


Create Viral News Sites In Any Niche You Want…

Fetch Trending & Updated Content From Any
Top News Sources Including…

Why You Should Grab Buzzious Right NOW?

News sites have always been HOT but their demand was raised another notch during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In our connected society, there is more news than ever to keep up on. Every day, events around the world impact all of our lives, which is why most Internet users have become obsessed with constantly reading the news online.

People are no longer satisfied to wait until the end of the day to watch the news on TV. They certainly don’t want to wait until the morning to read it in a paper. More than ever, they want to access news on-demand, by finding it online.

Hence, there is no doubt that online news sites are an absolute gold mine of an income opportunity.

What are Some of the Top Ways the News Sites are Making REAL Passive Profits Right Now?


Affiliate Commissions

Ecommerce Sales

Amazon Associate Commission

List Building

Using BUZZIOUS, you can generate passive income from ANY or all of the sources listed above.

Create Stunning NEWS Sites In Just Minutes

Instantly create viral news sites with authority content in just a few minutes. People are looking for news in EVERY possible niche, so no matter what niche you choose, your updates will attract visitors day in and day out. And remember, you don’t have to write any content yourself unless you want to.

Curate Trending Content From Top Sources Just Via Keywords

With just one keyword, you can instantly tap into tons of viral content to curate and post on your sites. You don’t need to write content on your own. Just fetch the articles you like, edit it if you want to, and post it on your site with ads & affiliate offers to generate easy passive profits. If you prefer to create your own content, you can do that too.

Get Free Subdomain & Hosting For Each Site

No more spending money on buying expensive hosting and domains for your sites. With Buzzious, you will get a free sub-domain for every site you create and unlimited hosting for your content. Also, you can customize your sub-domain names for each unique site.

Custom RSS Feed Support

Connect any RSS feed to the software for the latest updates from any NEWS sites of YOUR choice to Offer UNLIMITED variety for maximum engagement. It means that you can instantly create niche NEWS sites that target visitors in any category you choose.

WYSIWYG Editor To Edit Posts

No web design experience? No problem, just point and click with Buzzious! Edit your posts and sites in any way you like, insert relevant images and videos, custom logo, favicon, customize fonts, text, themes, insert links, hide or show elements like gallery page, page view counts, etc. in your posts to make them more engaging.

SEO Optimized Sites For Easy Organic Traffic

Built-in SEO panel to optimize your site title, site description, URL, and content to drive 100% Free organic traffic to your NEWS sites - without spamming social media OR paying for ads.

Ad Spaces For Any Kind of Ad Codes

It's all ready for instant monetization! You can monetize your sites for passive profits in any way you want: AdSense, Amazon Ads, Affiliate / CPA Links, Banner Ads and even opt-in forms from autoresponder companies like AWeber or GetResponse. There are ad spaces in every post to simply paste your ad codes in them for passive profits. You can also insert your ads across the entire site.

Add Unlimited Fully-Editable Pages & Posts

We understand that in order to generate consistent passive income, you need to continuously post updates on your site. That’s why we have removed all the restrictions, you can add unlimited, fully editable pages and posts on your sites for consistent traffic & income.

Built-in Lead Generation System

Put an opt-in code for visitors to subscribe on your NEWS sites to build targeted lists for ongoing income. You can also manage registered emails, users, and more to make consistent, long-term income.

Professional Design

Build credibility with responsive design, sortable navigation, sliders, site search features, etc. to give your best first impression.

Update Categories/Posts

You can add, delete or update categories and posts on your sites.

Google Analytics Integration

With Google Analytics Integration, you can track traffic, views, clicks, and ads instantly.

Dynamic Tag System

Let Buzzious generate tags for each post. This is perfect for boosting SEO.

Comment System

Manage comments, queries and reply to them on time to cultivate customer loyalty.

Cookie & GDPR compliant sites

Make Cookie and GDPR compliant sites to avoid any legal troubles.

Sitemap .XML Generator

Generate Sitemap .XML for your sites to boost search engine rankings.

What’s Even Better…

We have already established that Buzzious offers you something that every online entrepreneur wants – PASSIVE INCOME.

Considering the current uncertainty of just about everything in our world, online passive income has become the ultimate desire of marketers and entrepreneurs everywhere who are endlessly working and struggling to earn enough income.

Now, how would you like to SELL these much-needed passive income services to your clients and charge top dollar?

You just have to give a few minutes of your time and in return, you can earn nice-sized paychecks for the beautiful content-filled websites you create with BUZZIOUS for your clients. You could charge $1k - $10k per client and they will be happy to pay you because they’re already planning to spend this money on their business.

Check Out What Some Typical Freelancers Are Charging…

With Commercial Rights for Buzzious, You Could Make a 6-Figure Income By Selling Its Services To Your Clients!

Sell Services To Local Clients

Local businesses like gyms, restaurants, salons, bars, hotels, car dealerships, events, service-based businesses, and many more all want to move online, generate passive income but don't have the time or skills.

With Buzzious you can build NEWS sites for them with just a few clicks and get paid well for it.

Sell Services Online

There is always an exceptional demand for web developers on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer. These freelancers make from $26 - $197 per hour.

With the ability to create an unlimited amount of viral traffic for any site or offer, you can sell this as a service to clients online for A LOT less than they would spend on PPC or other options.

Your clients will pay you happily considering the results you are generating for them using Buzzious. Again, Buzzious does most of the work for you, so you actually deliver results in just minutes of your time and create multiple income streams and recurring paychecks.

Give prospects & clients the ONE thing they need– PASSIVE PROFITS! Charge any amount you want and keep 100% of the profits!

Who Is Buzzious For?

Or Anything You Deal in OR Any Niche You are in

If You Need Passive Commissions?... This Is For You!

What Experts are saying about our ‘Buzzious’?

The moment I take a look at Buzzious, I knew it would be one of those rare game-changers. With all its advanced features and functionalities, it literally revolutionizes the way people sell courses online. With Commercial Rights, this is what I like to call "a total no-brainer". A really well-thought-out software that I'm SO grateful for!

Abhijit Saha

I LOVE how easy it is to create traffic-attracting news sites. In minutes, the software curates updated content from top reliable sources that force people to jump on your sites and ultimately check out your offers. If you need passive income without hard-selling, this is for you. This is what's working now!

Rick Nguyen

Buzzious is by far the best passive income platform, I have seen and used. First of all, it's cloud-based, so I don't have to install or download anything and secondly, it has everything - site builder, content curation, lead generation... What more you can ask for? And with Commercial Rights, it is, hands down, a perfect tool for smart marketers. This truly deserves my best recommendation.

Cyril Gupta

When I got access to Buzzious I was surprised at how easy it is to not just create websites but also update those sites with the latest, trending content from big online sources. This has been a total game-changer for me, having an incredible news website with viral content, ads, and offers to generate easy commissions within just minutes. This definitely is the brand new wave to make money online. Awesome work guys!

Venkata Ramana

You guys always create amazing software, so as soon as I see they were releasing a new tool, I had to check it out! As always, they didn’t disappoint with Buzzious! Indeed they have packed everything in just one dashboard and it is very easy to work with. Let’s not forget that you can grab it for a fraction of the cost. This might be my new favorite passive income solution... Nice work here!

Amit Gaikwad

Finally, A Completely Web-Based Platform That Makes Passive Income A Realistic Approach For Anyone…

  • No More spending long days and late nights working your socks off to try building a passive income stream
  • No More paying thousands of dollars to expensive freelancers for website and content
  • No Need - writing a single word of content, making videos, posting on blogs & forums
  • No More wasting your hard-earned cash on paid ads to drive traffic
  • No More working 8 hours a day doing the same monotonous tasks of product creation, sending emails, and spamming on social media for a trickle of sales
  • No More struggling trying to figure out how you will ever setup your own business & make money online

Wave Good To…

Complicated Multiple Site Builders

Manual Work or Wasting Hours

Hiring Expensive Freelancers

Monthly Hosting Fees

Coding, Designing or Complicated Techie Stuff

Expensive Domain & SEO Service Fees

Costly Lead Generation Tools

Manual Content Creation & Posting

Make Hands-Free Profits In The EXACT Same Way Leading Online News Sites Earn Daily Income.

  • Having your own PASSIVE INCOME news sites created, designed, and fully hosted for you in just a few clicks
  • Having your NEWS sites filled with the latest trending content from top sources without writing a single word
  • Driving hordes of 100% FREE traffic online without paid ads
  • Making passive commissions WITHOUT hard-selling … Simply by including ads & banners on your NEWS sites
  • Having an unfair advantage over your competition who are spending thousands of dollars and time on it
  • Setting your choices ONCE then let the software do the work for you.
  • Selling website services to your local and global clients and receive handsome paychecks month after month
  • Enjoying financial freedom and laptop lifestyle now that Buzzious generates 100% hands-free income FOR YOU
  • And much more…

No Need to Wait...Take Action and Grab this
Incredible Deal NOW!

Get Instant Access to Buzzious NOW!!!

Quick Recap
Here’s what you are getting today

INSTANT Traffic Driving NEWS Sites

Literally, all you need to do is just log into our software, push a few buttons and your own NEWS site is ready for you to drive unlimited traffic on the fly. (Seriously, watch the demo if you don’t believe it)

UNLIMITED Trending Content

Curate unlimited viral, trending content (articles & videos) from top sources with just a keyword search. No hassle of writing articles and creating videos.

MULTIPLE Profits Sources

Monetize your sites for passive profits in any way you want – Adsense, Amazon Ads, Affiliate Links, CPA offers, Banner Ads, Ecommerce product links, etc.

RSS Feed Support

Plugin any RSS feed to the software and automatically fetch the latest updates from any site of YOUR choice to offer a WIDE variety of content for maximum engagement.


Innovative WYSIWYG editor to edit your posts in just a few clicks. Insert images, videos, links, edit text, fonts, etc. to make your posts more appealing.

BUILT-IN SEO Traffic System

Optimize your posts, URLs, site title, and description for SEO and social media sharing to siphon 100% Free Organic Traffic.

FREE SubDomain & Hosting

Why pay hundreds of dollars on domains and hosting every time you upload a new post? Get absolutely free subdomains and free hosting for all your sites and posts.

Lead Generation System

Save your time and money. With Buzzious, you can capture emails of your visitors, manage registered users, etc. from right inside the dashboard.

TRACK Your Success

With Google Analytics integration, you can track traffic, views, clicks, and ads on your site. Track exactly what’s working and what’s not for better results.

(From Login To Profit)

Over the shoulder, video tutorials show exactly how to use the software and maximize your results

WORKS In Any Niche

No matter what niche you are in, Buzzious is the platform you need to start generating hands-free profits. Again, there is no limit to how many niches you can target and dominate with it. You can build an entire EMPIRE.

COMMERCIAL License Included

There are no limitations. You can use this platform to set up your own passive income stream or provide services to clients & keep 100% of the profits.

Let’s Crunch the Numbers...

Total Value: $3208.00/Month

Limited Time Early Bird Special Offer:

Choose Your Licensing Option…

Personal Use
  • Create up to 10 Viral News Sites
  • Curate Unlimited Content From Top Sources
  • Free Sub-Domains For Each Site
  • Free Hosting
  • Add Unlimited Fully Editable Pages/Posts
  • Monetize your site in any way you like (Including Adsense)
  • Cookie and GDPR Compliant Sites
  • RSS Feed Support
  • Email List Building Profits
  • Comment Management System
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Built-in SEO Panel
Buzzious - Personal Use
Most Recommended
Commercial Rights
  • Create up to 50 Viral News Sites
  • Curate Unlimited Content From Top Sources
  • Free Sub-Domains For Each Site
  • Free Hosting
  • Add Unlimited Fully Editable Pages/Posts
  • Monetize your site in any way you like (Including Adsense)
  • Cookie and GDPR Compliant Sites
  • RSS Feed Support
  • Email List Building Profits
  • Comment Management System
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Built-in SEO Panel
  • Sell Buzzious Services To Clients And Charge Top Dollar
Buzzious - Commercial Rights

Try ‘Buzzious’, Totally RISK-FREE!!!

Here’s the Pot Sweetener – Use Our Buzzious platform for full 30 Days. If you grab our Commercial Rights, you can sell its services to other businesses as well.

You get to keep All the profits you make from your Passive Income News Sites during your 30 day trial. We know you’ll be blown away by how fast and easy it is to create great-looking viral news sites with Buzzious…

If at any point of time within 30 days of your purchase, if you feel Buzzious falls short of your expectations – just drop us an email and we’ll return your money.

Buzzious Will Change Your Online Marketing Game By Making Passive Income Point & Click Simple For You!

If you want to lead a fulfilled life with financial freedom, you have to build a passive income stream.

The task of building a business that generates passive income is always challenging; especially for most of us who have little knowledge and skills in making money online.

Usually, it takes months or even years to build high-quality sites, not to mention it takes a lot of money to run various marketing campaigns to attract traffic to gain profits.ts.

But Not Anymore...

With Buzzious, can create various viral news sites with trending content and generate a considerable amount of money without working round the clock.

What are the Experts Saying About Buzzious?

I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about Buzzious, I mean passive income on steroids with news sites and curated content - all at one-time low price... Who wouldn’t? But god! It is way above my expectations? Everything is available in one dashboard and it is so simple. It literally took me just a few minutes to create my own monetized news sites and start getting traffic. Good job Guys!

Anirudh Bavra

Buzzious is next-level quality software. It's so easy to use, and the training included makes it even easier to build a monetized news site in any niche in few minutes. I love the fact that you can curate articles and videos from top sources... all without creating them yourself. And with Commercial Rights, this is a complete business package for nothing. I's say that this is a MUST HAVE software for marketers!

Uddhab Pramanik

Nice work guys! I just love what Buzzious is offering. This is simply the best passive income platform EVER! Using this advanced tool, you can not only build professional news site with viral content but with commercial rights, you can also sell these services to other hungry marketers and earn big dollars. This will save your time and money while simultaneously creates an additional income stream for you at this insanely low price. Don't think just ACT and grab this NOW!

Luan Henrique

Hey guys, wanted to give you big applause. I used your software and yes, I have never seen results like this before. Instead of taking days or juggling with technicalities, this software gives a push-button solution for creating your own news sites and monetizes them for passive profits. It is a very versatile tool as you can take complete control of your business without any third-party dependence. This is something that you can’t overlook…

Able Chika

Now if you ask me honestly, I never trusted any low-cost passive-profits-promising solutions... Until now!! I've tried Buzzious and it literally blows my mind... It allows you to create cool news websites without painful learning curve or content creation, and for a fraction of its cost... Also, you can boost your ROI by grabbing this with Commercial Rights and selling its services to your clients. Go ahead and give it a try! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Ram Rawat

Start Your Own Profitable e-Learning Business and Take Your Profits To A Completely New-Level Today

Limited Time Early Bird Special Offer

Personal Use
  • Create up to 10 Viral News Sites
  • Curate Unlimited Content From Top Sources
  • Free Sub-Domains For Each Site
  • Free Hosting
  • Add Unlimited Fully Editable Pages/Posts
  • Monetize your site in any way you like (Including Adsense)
  • Cookie and GDPR Compliant Sites
  • RSS Feed Support
  • Email List Building Profits
  • Comment Management System
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Built-in SEO Panel
Buzzious - Personal Use
Most Recommended
Commercial Rights
  • Create up to 50 Viral News Sites
  • Curate Unlimited Content From Top Sources
  • Free Sub-Domains For Each Site
  • Free Hosting
  • Add Unlimited Fully Editable Pages/Posts
  • Monetize your site in any way you like (Including Adsense)
  • Cookie and GDPR Compliant Sites
  • RSS Feed Support
  • Email List Building Profits
  • Comment Management System
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Built-in SEO Panel
  • Sell Buzzious Services To Clients And Charge Top Dollar
Buzzious - Commercial Rights

Online news sites are considered to be one of the most powerful traffic sources for marketers, and you can tap into it without any hassle and hard work normally required to build this kind of business.

With our Commercial Rights Option, you can also sell its services to even your clients, charge top dollar for it and keep all the profits for yourself.

We could charge $997 right now, and it would be a great deal because you could make that money back within 1 day from just 1 profitable NEWS site, or one client.

But we want to make you an offer you can’t refuse!

And that’s why we are offering it for a ridiculously low, one-time investment.

So don’t wait. Just click the "Buy Button" below and get your hands on this amazing software!

Once your order is complete, you’ll receive your login details immediately sent to your chosen email address.

To Your Unstoppable Success!

Here are few
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for you...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Exactly Is Buzzious?
    Buzzious is a brand-new, cloud-based app that lets you create news-style websites, with curated content from top trending sources, each passively monetized with ads & offers. The system copies how top-earning online news sites make their money. You get traffic because of trending content you post on your sites and get paid passively when visitors click on ads or check out your affiliate offers.

  • Why Is This Different From Other Online Income Methods?
    First, there’s no hard selling involved. Passively monetized sites mean you get paid simply when visitors click on ads or check out affiliate offers on your site. Second, there’s no UPFRONT or ONGOING work.
    You don’t need an email list, you don’t need to create content, and you don’t need to pay for traffic. Once each site is setup [takes about 20 minutes] your job is done.

  • Can You Please Explain Your Purchasing Options?
    You have two purchasing options – Personal Use & Commercial Rights. With Personal Use, you are allowed to create 10 viral news sites and make passive profits for yourself.

    With Commercial Rights, you can create 50 viral news sites to generate hands-free profits and you can sell Buzzious services to your clients and charge any amount you want. Just set up a passive income news site for your clients and get paid handsomely. Also, you get to keep 100% of the money in your pocket.
  • Is it really newbie-friendly?
    Yes, Completely! You don’t need any special designing skills or technical experience to work with Buzzious. What you see in the demo video on this page is the same system you’ll receive. It’s as easy as following those simple steps.
  • Is there any training included?
    Yes, we have created a complete set of step-by-step video tutorials to guide you on how to use this web-based software and to do it easily.
  • What is the Delivery method of Buzzious?
    As soon as you purchase Buzzious, you’ll receive an email with our membership link and your log-in credentials. You’ll have access to immediately login to your admin panel and begin using our innovative platform to build your own passive income stream.
  • Will this work on Mac and PC?
    Yes, it doesn’t matter what operating system of the device you’re using. Buzzious is easy to use and works seamlessly, with both Mac and PC every time.
  • Do you provide support?
    Yes! Buzzious is super easy to use, but if you face any issues ever, we’re right here. Send us an email on your support desk and we’ll fix you up ASAP!
  • Please explain your Money Back Guarantee?
    We are providing a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee with Buzzious. You can use our platform for 30 days and make sure this works for you. If for ANY reason you are not satisfied, just let us know by dropping an email within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll process your refund instantly.
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